$5 Slow Food Challenge

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This weekend I am going to be participating in a slow food challenge.  I read about this one on the Civil Eats blog.  Here’s their explanation —

All around the country on Saturday, September 17th, people are being encouraged to gather with friends or family and eat well for $5 or less a person — the cost of a basic fast food meal.  Because slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food. If you know how to cook, then teach others. If you want to learn, this is your chance. Together, we’re sending a message that too many people live in communities where it’s harder to buy fruit than Froot Loops. Everybody should be able to eat fresh, healthy food every day.

I think I fall into the category of someone who knows how to cook good food for not that much money, so I’m hosting a potluck with a few friends.  I love potlucks, especially since I’m not working right now.  I still want to be able to hang out with friends and have a nice time, but we can’t really afford the $40-$50 it costs for us to go out to a nice dinner.  Luckily most of our friends are graduate students or young professionals, so everyone is on a bit of a budget.  I’m also lucky to have friends who are also good cooks, so potlucks always end up being exciting and delicious.  Plus, $5 for dinner and a night out with friends is a pretty good deal – and a pretty important deal considering this recession.

I’ll take pictures of the food at the potluck and post the recipes afterwards.  Should be a fun, cheap way to spend a Saturday night – and a good post next week!  Even if you don’t participate in the challenge this weekend, maybe you’ll be inspired to host your own potluck sometime soon.

Interesting in joining the challenge, or just want to know more?  You can find more information about it here: https://secure3.convio.net/sfusa/site/SPageServer?pagename=5Challenge_Home.


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