Science Experiment!

Remember the tomato tart from a few posts ago?  And the beautiful heirloom tomatoes I used on it?  Well I decided to save some of the seeds from those tomatoes for a science experiment.  I wrapped a bunch of seeds in a damp paper towel and put everything in a small ziplock bag which I then left on my window sill for a couple of weeks.  Most of the seeds sprouted and started forming roots and tiny leaves.  So today I transplanted them into an egg carton.  I put between 1 and 4 sprouts in each well and filled it in with some damp dirt from the yard.  Now I’ll watch them for a few weeks to see how the transplant goes.  Hopefully thye enjoy their new home, and then I can plant them in my garden.  I think if they make it to that point I won’t even worry about taking them out of the egg container.  I’ll just separate the little wells, poke some holes around the bottom, water them really well.  Yay science!


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