Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Where our food comes from, and the environmental footprint it creates as it travels to us, has been a popular topic lately.  In case you aren’t up on the topic, the basic idea is that much of the food we buy in supermarkets is not grown locally, and is instead shipped many miles to get to us.  This means that alot of gas is used to get the food to us.  And often the food comes from places that don’t practice sustainable growing methods, or that use pesticides and other chemicals on their produce.

Now, we have been living on graduate student salaries for the past few years.  If you aren’t familiar with grad student salaries, they aren’t great.  So we can’t always afford to buy everything organic and locally grown, but I do like to try to get at least some of our produce from local sources.

This is where the farmer’s market comes in.  If you’ve never been to a farmer’s market, it’s definitely worth your time.  You’ll find a great selection of local fruits and veggies, and it’s very affordable  A quick google search will help you find a market near you.  Your trip to the farmer’s market provides you with fresh, delicious produce, a fun activity, and the satisfaction of supporting local farmers.  It’s also a good place for a free snack – there are tons of samples!

If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s what I was able to purchase at my local farmer’s market for $12!

***Disclaimer*** I do not claim to be an expert in environmentally friendly food, just a partner in learning.  Figured I ought to put out some actual food for thought here and live up to my tagline.


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